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This classroom's surfaces can be 99.99% germ free 24/7. Protect your Students All day Everyday All the Time!


Becker's Healthcare 2014 Review: "Top 100 Infection Control Products to Know"


U.S. Cellular Field(MLB): Locker - training/fitness equipment - hydrotherapy rooms -


Sterile Doctor stops cross-contamination of MRSA, FLU, Pink-Eye, STD's, Superbugs, Meningitis and more!


A simple solution to a deadly problem, we provide FTO antimicrobial products


Clinically Proven, Field Tested disease eliminating surface coating, Any surface Any Environment


HAI Control: Infection Prevention Saves Lives, and the Bottom Line. ACA won't reimburse for HAI's anymore


Don't share your Room with the guest who was there before you!


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We are a certified applicator powered by Sterile Doctor’s™ line of EPA registered antimicrobial coatings engineered to prevent germs from living and multiplying on surfaces, especially those touched by lots of surfaces. Sterile Doctor™ is field tested, clinically proven and scientifically formulated to to bond on and into surfaces for 1 year to 18 months.

Sterile Environments state-of-the-art electrostatic spray application methodologies are scientifically proven to eradicate dangerous, illness-causing pathogens such bacteria, fungi, mold, algae, STD’s and more on all air-exposed surfaces  for up to 18 months!

Sterile Doctor™ Antimicrobial coatings are colorless, odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly and continually disinfects areas where housekeeping crews habitually miss and overlook.

How Sterile Doctor Works so long:

Sterile Doctor™ antimicrobial mist is electrostatically diffused everywhere air travels, landing on surfaces that other spray technologies can’t even reach.  For example:  Sterile Doctor mist first sanitizes the air and exposed surfaces, and in seconds diffuses onto every air-exposed surface, penetrating with antimicrobial microbes in places that other processes or human wipe downs and chemical disinfectants cannot reach, but that people still touch.   Sterile Doctor™ antimicrobial mist technology inactivates and reduces the viability of microorganisms. Sterile Doctor™ has been proven in controlled lab testing up to 99.99% effective against illness causing microorganisms.

Sterile Doctor™ is applied with a force 40X the pull gravity therefore creating a bond to the surface which can not be rubbed off, thus making the entire surface itself antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of damaging virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, and mold  for up to 18 months.

Places for Sterile Doctor:

Schools/School bus -Homes - Hospitals/Healthcare offices  – Day Cares -  Stadiums -  Jail/Police/Fire Stations  –  Gyms

We create “Germ-Free zones”

EPA Registered Antimicrobial Surface Spray Technology

Sterile Doctor™ Compared to Other Antimicrobials: (EPA Reg.)

 ← Animation: The Green “sword” (Sterile Doctor) physically destroys the disease carrying microbe before it lands on a surface; eliminating the opportunity for that microbe to live, thrive and colonize with other bacteria on the surface.


Sterile Doctor Practical and Cost Benefits:

Benefit # 1: THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE is 12+ months of protection (Us) with 1 application vs. 90 Days of protection (competitors) with 1 application

Benefit # 2: Sterile Doctor™ antimicrobial treatment is more effective, and safer than traditional (brand-name) disinfectants. Household & commercial disinfectants only kill specific germs; they do not kill resistant bacterial spores or work once the cells have mutated. These traditional disinfectants only work when the surface stays wet for 2-10 minutes. Whereas Sterile Doctor™ begins eradication within seconds of application, and continues to eradicate dangerous germs on ALL surfaces for up to 12 to 18 months.

Benefit # 3: Sterile Doctor™ antimicrobial technology is commonly referred to as non-leaching and environmentally friendly because it doesn’t come off the surface to work. Sterile Doctor™ is impregnated into or applied to multiple surfaces, in essence creating “self-disinfecting” surfaces.

Benefit # 4: Sterile Doctor™ is natural “Green” and Eco-friendly, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals. (i.e. no tricolsan (Microban products), silver or copper alloys)

Benefit # 5: Cost. On average Sterile Doctor™ only needs to be applied once every 12 – 18 months. You can replace or reduce other harsh cleaning chemicals, and decrease your overall solutions budget by 50%. Reduce Absenteeism and costs associated with workplace acquired sickness. Pricing: Only Cents per sq. foot. 


 ”I BELIEVE IN THE TECHNOLOGY of the Electrostatic Spraying Systems Sprayers. I’ve never seen a product that can disperse the chemicals we need to use to fight MRSA and Staph so effectively. The [electrostatic] nozzle is truly amazing! I believe in providing our players with the best protection against staph and other bacteria commonly found in our profession. The ongoing problem of fighting bacteria and fungus now has a solution and the [ESS electrostatic] sprayer provides us with that.”
— John Meshad
Head Equipment Manager, University of Georgia Football

This state-of-the-art electrostatic spray allows for 360°antimicrobial coverage


Sterile Doctor™ named to Becker’s Healthcare 2014 Infection Control & Clinical Quality “Top 100 Products to Know” list!


Sterile Doctor: Sterile Doctor is an EPA – [certified] antimicrobial formula that can be applied to a surface to make it antimicrobial. The product relies on interactions between microbes and organosilanes and lasts up to a year on surfaces after applied.” – Becker’s