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24/7/365 antimicrobial surface protection


Clinically Proven, Field Tested. Any surface Any Environment


State-of-the-Art bacteriostatic finish coating


Reduce cross-contaminationin close areas


This classroom's surfaces can be 99.99% germ free 24/7. Protect your Students All day Everyday All the Time!


Don't share the treadmill with the person before you! Use Bacteria Shield™


Why Use Bacteria Shield?


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Infectious Disease Surface Prevention Specialists


We specialize in making buildings and their interior surfaces bacteria and mold resistant by utilizing our Bacteria Shield System™ technology and science. 

Sterile Environments is powered by a line of EPA registered antimicrobial coatings powered by mPact Environmental Solutions with Aegis microbe shield engineered with proven nano-organosilane formula to prevent surface damaging, illness and odor causing bacteria, mold, and fungi from living and multiplying on surfaces, especially those touched by lots of people.

Our Bacteria Shield™ combined with our Turbo-Flo™ electrostatic spray technology is field tested, clinically proven and proprietarily formulated.  Bacterai Shield™ molecularly bonds into three-dimensions of surfaces for up to 1 year depending upon abrasion factors, eradicating and then controlling the spread of over 110 dangerous pathogens!

We are approved to use per OHSA and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ schedule for Cleaning and Sanitizing surfaces and items, particularly Day Care centers.

Bacteria Shield™ Antimicrobial coatings are clear, odorless, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic, does not migrate to user’s hands or wash off with the use of other cleaners and works once DRY.

Our Turbo-Flo™ electrostatic-spray process eliminates the inconsistent and temporary results of antiquated manual spray and wipe methods that are commonly used in most facilities today, and less expensive than repeated fogging technologies. 

Bacteria Shield coverage

This state-of-the-art Turbo-Flo electrostatic spray allows for  uniform 360°surface coverage

Bacteria Shield™ provides continuous “no germ zones“, every square millimeter is covered with our active Bacteria Shield™. on desks, conference tables, airline trays, food court tables, athletic equipment, hand rails, waiting room chairs, door knobs, water fountains, elevators and more for 1 year!

Peace of Mind. That’s what Sterile Environments provides for me and my clients. Their products are top of the line”Paul Theodore, Trainer/Coach/Competitor on American Ninja Warrior, and Owner of FMU Fitness

“We applied Bacteria Shield™ to our Training Facility and Stadium Locker Room to reduce the risk of our athletes missing valuable training or games due to illness contracted in our team environments…We have enjoyed our working relationships with Sterile Environments. - Gregg Berhalter, Head Coach and Sporting Director, Columbus Crew, Major League Soccer


How Bacteria Shield™ Works so long:

Bacteria Shield™ antimicrobial mist is electrostatically diffused everywhere air travels, landing on surfaces that other spray technologies can’t even reach.  For example:  Bacteria Shield™ mist first sanitizes the air and exposed surfaces, and in seconds diffuses onto every air-exposed surface, penetrating with antimicrobial microbes in places that other processes or human spray n’ wipe techniques  with chemical disinfectants cannot reach.   Bacteria Shield™ antimicrobial mist technology inactivates and reduces the viability of microorganisms surviving on surfaces.  Bacteria Shield™ is applied with a force 40X the pull gravity therefore creating a molecular bond to the surface which can not be rubbed off, thus making the entire surface itself antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of damaging virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, and mold  24 hours for up to 12 months.

“After reading our 180-day post Bacteria Shield™ surface assessment of treated areas we are amazed with the results and the amount of continued reduction of bacteria on all surfaces”- Bryan McIntosh, Owner & Trainer, Dynamic Fitness, Strongsville, OH

Places for Bacteria Shield™ coating:

Locker Rooms – Entire Fitness Areas – Equipment

Touchpoint Antimicrobial Coating is active 24 hours for 1 year

 ← Animation: The Green “sword” (Bacteria Shield™) physically destroys the disease carrying microbe before it lands on a surface; eliminating the opportunity for that microbe to live, thrive and colonize on the surface.

The permanent attachment of the Bacteria Shield™(Orange & Red silane circles) antimicrobial molecule to a surface eliminates the potential infection risks associated with conventional antimicrobials.

 The Bacteria Shield™System has a unique physio-chemistry powered formulation which mitigates the surface spread of illness and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew within seconds.

Bacteria Shield™ is based on silane quat technology that was developed by Dow Corning in the 1970s and is in use today in the textile, building, health care and manufacturing industries. There are over 1790 patents on silane quat technology and its uses.

Silane quats are dual functional molecules where half of the molecule will chemically bond to most any substrate and the other half is a powerful, broad spectrum germ killer that uses an electrostatic kill (cell wall disruption) from the positively charged nitrogen atom of the quat. Since the microbe doesn’t ingest it, it will not breed superbugs like MRSA and VRE.

The bonding power of silane quat to surfaces and woven textiles is nothing short of amazing.


Bacteria Shield vs. spray n’ wipe disinfecting

Benefit # 1: THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE is 12+ months of 360-degree surface protection with our EPA registered coating  vs. 1 minute to 12 hours of spray bottle disinfectants or foggers.

Benefit # 2: Bacteria Shield™ antimicrobial treatment is more effective, and safer than traditional (brand-name) disinfectants. Household & commercial disinfectants only reduce the amount specific germs. These traditional disinfectants only work when the surface stays wet for 2-10 minutes. Whereas Bacteria Shield™ begins destruction of cell’s lives within seconds of application, works when dry and continues to work for up to 1 year or more.

Benefit # 3: Bacteria Shield™ antimicrobial biostatic technology is non-leaching because it doesn’t come off the surface to work. (see animation). It cannot be washed off or removed with household soaps, chemicals or solvents.

Benefit #4: It does NOT reduce a person’s immunity capabilities. Bacteria Shield™ is impregnated into surfaces with our advanced technology.

Benefit # 5: Bacteria Shield™ is natural “Green” and Eco-friendly, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals. 

Benefit # 6: Cost. Only cents per square ft.( special school rates K-12).  On average Bacteria Shield™ only needs to be applied once every 12 – 18 months. You can reduce other harsh cleaning chemicals and decrease your overall disinfectant solutions budget by 50%. Cut labor costs and lower material waste.

Benefit #7: Reduce Absenteeism, manage presenteeism and costs associated with workplace acquired sickness. Improve morale and staff performance.

Benefit #8: Marketing. Goodwill. Proaction. We provide custom on-site signage designating that your facility’s surfaces are being Pathogen Protected 24/7 by a Best-in-Practice surface coating antimicrobial. 

Benefit #9: Verification. We return every 90 days to monitor surface levels of any damaging bacteria growth.

Satisfied clients:

“I BELIEVE IN THE TECHNOLOGY of the Electrostatic Spraying Systems Sprayers. I’ve never seen a product that can disperse the chemicals we need to use to fight MRSA and Staph so effectively. The [electrostatic] nozzle is truly amazing! I believe in providing our players with the best protection against staph and other bacteria commonly found in our profession. The ongoing problem of fighting bacteria and fungus now has a solution and the [ESS electrostatic] sprayer provides us with that.”— John Meshad, Head Equipment Manager, University of Georgia Football

 “I can’t spend too much time wiping on every bench after every guy [athlete/player] gets finished with a piece of equipment.  I’m dealing with 4-6-12 guys at one time in a gym, so this, Bacteria Shield™, just makes for comfort” - Allen Thomas, Strength and Conditioning coach, Chicago White Sox, Major League Baseball.

“We are encouraged by the results that have been provided to us this year, and pleased to know our players, coaches, support staff and other-related staff members are provided a work environment that protects them throughout the season here at Chase Field.” - Russ Amaral, Vice President, Ballpark Operations, Arizona Diamondbacks, Major League Baseball


“Sterile Environments applied Bacteria Shield to various areas of the station…[this] provided a sense of relief to our employees. Many expressed gratitude for doing it. After 9 months the treated area’s microbial levels are one-fourth to one-third of what they were. Obviously a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The application of Bacteria Shield is part of that success.”  - Chief of Police Kris Nietert, Bedford, OH