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Triclosan ban looming - we've been telling you!

FDA: Anti-bacterial soaps may not curb bacteria. (Click to view story)

Sterile Environments has been telling our audience to READ the labels of their household cleaners for two main reasons:

1. Look for harmful chemical ingredients, like triclosan, and colloidal silver which are harmful to health and food and of which you apply to your home surfaces daily, including those areas where food is prepared and adolescent children constantly place the hand from surface-to-mouth.

2. Very few individuals read the instruction labels on their home disinfectants. To be effective, most sprays and wipes need to remain wet on the surface for 2 to 10 minutes. How many of you “spray and wipe” dry. Research reveals 82%. Thus 82% of consumers whom repeatedly purchase home disinfectants are throwing their money in the trash along with the wipe.  You are better off using plain soapy water, or better yet, Sterile Doctor ST™ or LT™ AND a watered rag to clean up the mess!



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