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Sterile Doctor and Soap n' Water = A Germ's worst nightmare

Good old soap and water. Talk with any infectious disease, or any medical doctor for that fact, and they will tell you the best way to rid your self of “germs” is to wash with soap and water; no more chemical agents needed, and especially those containing Triclosan. Triclosan is banned is most developed nations, yet lawyers and lobbyists stall the process for it being banned and the government acquiesces to their threat of litigation and counters with the always convenient excuse – “We need more data”.

With Sterile Doctor protecting your surfaces from harmful illness causing bacteria is easy and once it is applied to your surfaces and when you do need to clean, moving forward, all you need is good old soap and water.

Click the article below to learn more about the FDA and Triclosan.

FDA seeks proof of effectiveness, safety of antibacterial soaps | Infectious Disease.