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About Us

About Us

Sterile Environments is a veteran-owned company specializing in providing superior antimicrobial protection against dangerous germs, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and algae through the electrostatic application of  state-of-art antimicrobial spray-on MicroShield360™ . Our goal is to respond to each customer’s unique needs, fulfill all requests with optimal customer service and unmatched effectiveness, and to be the first choice in antimicrobial treatments.Bacteria Shield

Our Commitment:

Sterile Environments  is committed to eradicating unwanted pathogens by providing the necessary antimicrobial management services to our customers in a professional and courteous manner while keeping the safety of people, places, and the environment as our first concern. We will employ the highest standards in treatment procedures and provide our applicator technicians with the ongoing training needed to supply this service. Total customer satisfaction and safety is our top priority. Being a family-owned business, we feel we are more in tune to the customer’s wants and desires and therefore, we have built our reputation on always operating in a fair and ethical manner. We pride ourselves on providing the “human touch” and promptly responding to our customer’s concerns.

Microshield360™ products utilize science developed over years of research by former Dow chemists and coating specialists and are distributed and applied by certified applicator, Sterile Environments; and has treated a wide range of facilities from medical offices, to jails such as Cook County (IL) Correctional Institutions, to day-care centers, gyms, schools/colleges, and all the way up to the stadiums of the Chicago White Sox, Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer and the University of Illinios, and Sky Zone Trampoline Arenas…just to mention a few.

Our Mission

Sterile Environments is wholly dedicated to the mission of protecting environmental surfaces and YOU from common to serious infestation of indoor contaminants. Microbes, mold and mildew are all bacteria that can, when left untreated,  contribute to serious health problems, loss of work, emotional stress and even financial despair.

We know that eliminating the possibility of sickness and/or disease related to contamination is the best place to start. Sterile Environments directly and effectively addresses this rapidly growing dilemma.


Sterile Environments relies upon a talented team of Epidemiologists,  Infectious Disease clinicians, chemists, and Facility operators to provide a keen focus and uncompensated input on environmental contamination and its effects upon performance and wellness.

These talented professionals can be accessed for your specific needs and consulting, whether it be for clinical reviews of site pathogen tests, or input on facility infrastructure design to best accommodate air and surface reconfigurations for infection control.