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Bacteria Shield Coating Benefits

Electrostatic Disinfection Benefits


MicroShield360 Coating’s Practical and Cost Benefits:

                                                                                                 24/7 protection

  • Cross-contamination prevention 24/7/365 on 100% air-exposed surface areas
  • Lowest application cost of any antimicrobial coating service available. Prices starting at cents per sq.ft. and Discounted rate card pricing for schools k-12.
  • Hot water resistant up to 495 degrees
  • Effective against 110+ bacteria, virus, algae, mold and fungi, including, MRSA, Norovirus and Superbugs
  • Eco-friendly, no metals, non-leaching
  • Can be used in combination with your existing cleaners which will not remove MicroShield360™ coating from the surface.

24/7 guard against human cleaning error:(see pictures below)



A common table top surface traditionally disinfected/cleaned with a rag:

Notice a freshly hand wiped surface and the gaps of un-disinfected areas, especially where hands can touch and can be cross contaminated.



Another common table top surface traditionally disinfected/cleaned with a rag

Once dry, this wiped table has areas have NOT been disinfected and the germs have just been pushed around the surface.

Bacteria Shield™, once applied electrostatically, does NOT leave any spot un-disinfected.


360-degree coverage: 100% wrapping of surface. Bacteria Shield™ disinfects where humans spraying methods can’t.

24/7 guard for impromptu Health department and Federal regulatory measurement visits.

Does not Promote adaptive organisms. Bleach resistant.

Cost Savings via:

  • Higher HCAHP Scores = more funding
  • Reduction in the amount of use of current disinfectants
  • Less employee sick-days
  • Reduction in the amount of re-applications over time
  • Insurance claims
  • Reduction in re-admission costs (medical facilities)
  • Reduce redundancy, i.e. do not need separate anti-microbial curtains or linens. SD Pro™ can treat both.
  • Higher regulatory, health and HHI grading scores
  • Above average HHI compliance
  • Employee retention
  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee morale through workplace sanitization
  • Customer wellness above and beyond normal standards

Positive PR.

  • On-site and in the marketplace, and positioning as the world-leader in advancement of sterilization through the latest anti-microbial technological available
  • The ability to promote the use of the product in the marketplace
  • A product of separation in comparison to the competition. “Leader of the Pack” mentality