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Antimicrobial Technology

Bacteria Shield™COATING Technology


Sterile Environments line of  anti-microbial coatings are powered by state-of-the-art technology and science that fights microbial growth by creating an cationic force field on surfaces  so strong it tears apart the thin cell wall of microbes like bacteria, mold, fungi and algae. Bacteria Shield™ system provides a “physical” destruction of a microbial cell, thus eliminating a bacteria’s capability to form an anti-body against the protective coating.


The cell wall of a microbe is about as thin as a soap bubble. Imagine the antimicrobial barrier created by theBacteriaS hield™ – as a lawn with countless blades of grass pulling at that soap bubble until it reaches the grass and pops.
BacteriaShield™ is a BONDING organosilane quaternary Antimicrobial Surface coating that lasts up to 12 months on applied surfaces and objects. Our BacteriaShield™ coating physically ruptures the target organism’s cell membrane on contact.
Bacteria Shield™ molecularly bonds to a treated surface (covalent bonding), penetrating the substrate, thus making 100% and 360° of the surface itself antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of surface damaging virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, and yeast.


Turbo-Flo Spraying Technology: Electrostatic Wrap-Around

Electrical charging causes an attraction force between the sprayed drops and the target surfaces. The electrical charge on the spray droplets is small but the force of attraction to the surface is strong since the sprayed particles are lightweight. The electrical force which pulls the spray towards the surface is 40 times greater than the force of gravity. This means when the droplets approach the target surface, they will reverse direction and move upwards against gravity. The electrostatic wrap-around phenomenon occurs as droplets move quickly towards the target. The level of charge is important for the electrostatic effect. Other electrostatic sprayers have not been able to produce a charge high enough to give a significant electrostatic benefit. Sterile Environments spray nozzles produce the highest charge level of any electrostatic sprayer on the market and work with most classes of chemicals.


BacteriaShield™ has been used safely and effectively in all areas of construction to plastics as well as in hospital applications. The following information has been prepared in response to numerous requests for a list of microorganisms against which the technology is effective. They were selected to provide a test spectrum which is representative of all significant types and varieties of microorganisms.

This data is provided solely to assist you in understanding the capabilities of the base technology and is not a warranty. Laboratory testing is performed in a controlled environment and may or may not be interpreted as eliminating, controlling, minimizing or otherwise affecting health conditions which maybe associated with specific organisms.
Bacteria Shield™ formulas can be incorporated in a variety of materials, including powder coating, gel coats, latex paints, polymers, fabrics, paper products, and wood.Bacteria Shield™ can also be applied to multiple areas such as: kitchen & bath, indoor/outdoor surfaces, plastic, stone and metal surfaces, automotive surfaces, footwear, pet odor areas, laundry, and carpet.