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Cook County Jail Medical Screening and Intake unit

Job Bacteria Data – 4 months post treatment

Sterile Doctor™ was applied on July 5-8, 2013 to brand new construction facility, Cook County jail. No initial bacteria level (“ATP”)* readings were recorded as the new building had not had any inhabitants.

All October 28th, 2013 bacteria level (ATP)* readings, per this report, were conducted with Bruce Schroer of the Cook County DOC present. The readings were taken 4 months after inmate population and staff/public occupancy and operations commenced and the Sterile Doctor antimicrobial application/treatment was applied.


13 total ATP* readings on October 28th 2013 (4 months after application):

  • ATP readings 0-30 = STERILE, 31 -100 = CLEAN, 100-200 = MARGINAL, 201= in need of sanitation
  • The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.     
 Test Areas:                                                                                                                                           ATP Level:
  1.  Receiving Desk 1st floor nearest South Wall Top shelf surface tested reading:                   17
  2. Receiving area handrail before body scanners, just passed receiving desk:                          10
  3. #5 Desk north facing past Body Scanning machines 1st floor receiving:                               7
  4. 2nd floor 2E Cell Block 2005A Door Handle outside:                                                                 9
  5. 2nd floor 2E Cell 2005A inside swinging doors to showers bathrooms north facing:        10
  6. 2E Cell 2005A Handicap shower/bath room:  53                                                                          
  7. 2E Cell room 2005A Prisoner Cell RM. #10A sleeping quarters inside door swap: 3             
  8. 2E Cell room 2005A Prisoner cell RM. #10A Desk closes to door:                                        71
  9. Medical Screening bathroom #1098 Sink surfaces tested:                                                      20
  10. Medical Screening Bench waiting area under “no talking sign” north wall:                        12
  11. Medical Screening area Exam room 1 steel table:                                                                        2
  12. Medical Screening area water fountain next to bathroom #1109:                                            3
  13. Medical Screening area door handle bathroom #1109:                                                             11

* ATP testing is a process using the SystemSURE Plus Hygiene/sanitation Monitor to detect ATP (“germs”) found in organic matter and microorganisms on surfaces. The presence of ATP on a surface indicates that the surface has not been properly cleaned and has the potential to harbor and support bacterial growth, i.e. infectious disease, mold, algae, odors

  1. It is estimated that 20-26% of all individuals infected with HIV, 29-43% of all individuals infected with hepatitis C, and 40% of individuals infected with tuberculosis pass through a correctional facility in a given year. The rate of confirmed AIDS in state prisons was more than three times higher than the total U.S. population and over 300,000 inmates had hepatitis C, a rate 9-10 times higher than the general population.

MRSA (Staph) infection outbreaks are increasingly being noted in correctional populations and a high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases has been noted among persons entering correctional facilities.

The rate of AIDS-related death is approximately three times higher in the prison population than in the total U.S. population age 15-54. In addition, the majority of inmates detained are substance users and/or have a long history of substance abuse activity.

 - Source: National Assoc. of County & City Health Officials (“NACCHO”)