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Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Environment

Called the curse of the cruise ships, norovirus is highly contagious and causes projectile vomiting in 70 percent of those infected. But what makes it insidious is that 30 percent of those infected show no symptoms, yet can still spread the virus. Even after you’ve been sick, you can shed the virus through feces for up to seven to 10 days. Marlene Gaither, environmental health manager for the Coconino County Health Department

Protect your ship. Don’t bring the outside world and its entire germs onto the cruise ship.

But just in case, Sterile Environments can create a bacteria safe haven of your Cruise Liner.

Our proprietary EPA-certified antimicrobial coating, Sterile Doctor is like “SPF 75 sunscreen for the ship”, only it does not wash off.

With just one application to your ships surfaces and by our certified/licensed Applicators your ship will be protected from harboring germs for several years.

Unlike Brand-name over-the-counter disinfectants (see FAQ’s), Sterile Doctor continuously disembowels microbes, even after drying, for 2 years. You only need to clean your surfaces of dust and grime with water after our treatment. Should you decide to use more harsh chemicals to clean stubborn grease, Sterile Doctor withstands bleach, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Cruise  Ship Surfaces to protect:

Handles: doors, appliances, sink, dresser

Bathrooms: sinks, toilets, faucets, showers, floors, medicine chests

Kitchens: counter tops, appliance handles, sink, cupboards

Public touch points: reception counters, concession counters, bars, handrails, elevators, vending machines

Gym: all equipments, mats

Bedrooms: dressers, beds, nightstands, lights

Passenger Office Room(s): desk chair, desktop and drawers, keyboard, mouse

Casino: gaming tables