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Day Care Environment and Testimonial

Day Care Environment and testimonial

Applying Bacteria Shield™ Coating is like giving your facility it’s own Immune System!



Provide parents with the safest Day Care environment possible for their Children’s wellness outside of their own home, and separate yourself from your competitors.

Adolescent children are not inclined to practice good hygiene habits. Rarely do they cover mouths when sneezing, or wipe their hands or fingers after rubbing “running” noses. This age range of children are also “scab pickers”, leaving open wounds to spread illness on surfaces and providing a portal of entry for infectious disease into their bloodstream. All of the above conditions lend to a high likelihood of the cross-contamination from surface to child during a day, resulting in simple illness susceptibility (colds, flu, diarhea, strep) to more serious illnesses  (measles, MRSA, ringworm).

Bacteria Shield™ Coating does NOT come off of the surface (“leaching”) to perform it’s antimicrobial protection, thus a child’s immune resistance is not compromised.

Bacteria Shield’s™ antimicrobial process is approved by ODJFS (section 5101:2-12-15 Section B, #2, Appendix A):  ”To sanitize: centers must use the following chlorine bleach solutions (household bleach with 5.25% hypochlorite) or a commercial product registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as a sanitizer that has directions for use that are appropriate for the surface or item you are sanitizing. Questions regarding commercial products must be directed to the manufacturer of the product or the US EPA. Follow manufacturer’s instructions exactly when using any product to sanitize.”

Bacteria Shield™ is an EPA registered antimicrobial coating which also means “sanitizer” as described above. It is non-toxic, non-leaching and will not degrade any surface. It eradicates germs in REAL TIME as kids touch every surface in the day care environment. Once we apply the Bacteria Shield™ coating, your employees do not have to follow directions exactly, as they have to do with Bleach or sanitary wipes. We all know Human’s are prone to error and NOT following rules and instructions “exactly”! Thus we eliminate this inherent uncertainty.

Bleach is an old-fashioned and out-dated approach to sanitizing a surface, but a safe recommendation for ODJFS. Bleach will kill bacteria on the spot, but it has no longing lasting killing properties once wiped onto a surface. the next little infected hand that touches the surface will contaminate the “bleached surface”. Plus, the noxious fumes from bleach and harsh toxic chemical can rapidly harm an individuals senses when inhaled and degrade surfaces rapidly. Read the label on bleach bottles, “keep out of reach of children”, yet it is placed upon a surface and can be be ingested (“leaching”) from hand-to-mouth, toy-to-mouth, or food-to-mouth? This does not make sense.

Bacteria Shield™ coating is powered by Aegis Microbe Shield technology is an EPA registered antimicrobial.  It DOES NOT DECREASE A CHILD’S IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DOES NOT LEACH OFF OF THE SURFACE ON CHILDREN’S HANDS! BLEACH WILL!!