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ENVIRONMENTS (scroll entire page)

MicroShield360™ is a non sacrificial technology that controls surface damaging Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold, and Algae. MicroShield360™ can be used and is effective on most substrates as a BIOSTATIC reaction. It works on porous and non-porous surfaces. MicroShield360™ is effective and works in between cleanings.

It is important to remember the difference between “cleaning” and “disinfecting”. Cleaning removes dirt, and spreads germs around a surface. Disinfection is a process of removing, reducing, or killing those living germs on surfaces. Chances are if you are NOT a hospital type facility, then your cleaning staff is just cleaning, and NOT disinfecting. Housekeeping may be using a spray bottle disinfectant, but 75% of the time housekeepers use disinfectants improperly and thusly rendering the intended use of the disinfectant null and void.  By using MicroShield™ on and in any of the Environments listed on this page, you can be assured to eliminate the housekeeping error of the disinfection process.

Common areas within all Environments that need to be treated:

All Counter Tops: including reception area counters

All Bathrooms: including fixtures, toilets, urinals, walls, Handrails

All Light switches, All Door handles, All Phones, TV remotes, keyboards, computer mousses

Exercise/fitness equipment, wrestling/gymnastic mats

Specifically Sterile Doctor is used and often requested in:


Hospitals are leaving 30%-60% of surface microorganisms after their current cleaning procedures: source, World Health Organization

HAI’s are a big challenge for health systems, they have a large impact on health costs and are indicators of the quality of service provided to patients. We at Sterile Environments provide effective microbial eradication solutions to dramatically reduce human and financial (cost-benefit) that all facilities tackle daily in the fight against HAI’s.

Sterile Environments services help healthcare facilities control microbial pathogenic bacteria that otherwise might cause HAI’s in patients or workers. Sterile Environments’ certified Applicators are both thorough and discreet. Our coordinated line of cleaners and antimicrobial products work together to control biological pathogens more effectively—-and more economically—-than any other anti-microbial surface protectant system ever developed!

IV stands   Instrument trays    Food Trays    Beds/Bed rails     Chart holders


X-ray tables     Exam tables    Wheel chairs     Waiting Rooms      Scrubs, Lab coats, bed linens, patient gowns


Mats, Flooring    Therapy tables     Treadmills     Weights, Strength conditioning equipment      Towels      Massage table linens


School administrators take on an enormous responsibility to keep school environments sanitary and clean. Failure in this area can lead to multiple sick days which can affect State funding, parental fear, incubation of highly infectious disease, public outrage and negative publicity. Sterile Environments service provides diagnostic and remedial services in coordination with current cleaning protocols that can dramatically effect overall health and be far less costly than the demolition-based plans,  or hugely expensive “outbreak after-care” cleaning programs.

Dorm flooring and furniture

Cafeteria tables    Appliances in Dorm rooms and common areas     Classroom & Dorm Desks

Sports equipment       Chairs,Cafeteria tables, Lockers


Chairs/Desk/Communal work tables

Nap mats    Cafeteria tables    Toys   Door handles

Shared gym uniforms


 “After 17 months of heavy use, we continue to show very low readings with the ATP meter in the areas that have been treated. Since the application of Sterile Doctor, we continue to have no cases of Staph or MRSA cross contamination. I could not be happier with the product as it’s certainly worked as advertised.” Greg Hopwood, Sr. Director of Stadium Operations, Chicago White Sox Professional Baseball Team

“I would highly recommend your product, staff, and business to anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of the locker room and facility maintenance.” Ryan Grooms, Head Football Equipment Manager, University of Notre Dame

Keep your athletes on the field and in the classroom

Professional and scholastic athletes cannot compete to the best of their ability when they aren’t feeling their best.  Infectious Diseases can shorten a professional athlete’s career and earnings, or a student-athlete may miss out on the ability to earn an athletic scholarship or keep one. Those are the main reasons why professional sports franchises, collegiate teams and civic arenas, and schools systems call on Sterile Environments and Sterile Doctor to treat their athletic facilities.


Weight benches, Helmets, Shoulder pads, Practice Dummies (football)

Trainers tables

Weights, Weight room flooring

Hot /cold tubs

Gymnastic/Wrestling Mats   Uniforms/Socks/Underwear/Tee shirts/Towels     Synthetic turf



Basements: Mold remediation **

It’s impossible to constantly protect your family from microbes like bacteria and mold, but you can continually protect the surfaces and fabrics they touch. STERILE ENVIRONMENTS distributes products which make it simple and safe to fight the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and fungi 24/7 on the surfaces and fabrics in your home. Call or e-mail us today for a FREE in-home Bacteria levels* and find out how easily you can do the same in your home.

Household mold and mildew problems affect the way you feel about your home, they can cause illness, reduce property values and turn off visitors or potential buyers. Sterile Environments service provides specially trained Applicators to address problems in the most economical way—eradicating mold only – and keeping it away.

Countertops/Sinks/Refrigerator exteriors


Home office   Toys/Car seats     Remote controls


** Contact us today to start using Sterile Environments antimicrobial methodologies to enhance the effectiveness of your mold remediation process:

Dry wall, Tile and grout, Flooring   HVAC systems    Ceilings   Steel and wood frames    Furniture    Showers


Autos, Planes, Public Transit, Buses, Trains, and Marine

Touching a grab rail on the subway system brings you into contact with 5000 hands, many of which are unwashed!

Whether it’s minimizing the presence of bacteria on high-volume touch points in a mass transit vehicle or plane or proactively preventing the smell of mildew that can permeate the cabin of a boat, the antimicrobial barrier created by Sterile Environments suite of services and products can be easily incorporated into any airplane, boat, train or automobile.


Entire Dashboard area: including controls    Steering wheel

Hand rails    Seats      Arm rests     Life vests

Sun decks   Canvas covers    Carpet

Countertops/Fold-out trays/Overhead bin handles     Toilets    Day beds   Food and beverage cars


Casinos, Theaters, Cruise Ships   Table games: bumpers/seats   Slot Machines

Table game Arm rests   Elevators

Reception areas

Cashiers Cages   Concession stand    Video games

Staff Offices: Keyboards/Desks/Phones    Diaper changing stations

Hotels / Restaurants

Nothing turns off a customer more than a musty smelling hotel room or restaurant. Further, visible mold or mildew can certainly dissuade further business and harm a brand’s reputation. 

Sterile Environments service helps hotel and restaurant managers address microbial bacteria and germs that cause offensive odors, mold and stains that keep customers away. We can schedule discreet application times for minimal disruption of your business.

Our products are food prep safe, and stable on all cooler, refrigerator and freezer surfaces.

Public Bath Rooms

Harmful organisms found in public restrooms include strep and staph germs, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A and rhinoviruses, and organisms that can cause sexually transmitted diseases. Yikes!

So, what surfaces do threaten your hygiene and health in a public restroom? The easy answer is any surface that everybody touches after going to the bathroom. The most bacteria-laden spots are toilet handles and sink faucet handles (which are operated before hands are washed–and don’t think the microbes are carried away by water when the sink’s turned off after the hand washing), and the walls above the urinals in Male restrooms. The locks and interior door handles on stalls are also happy little bacteria havens.

Some polls have found as few as 15% of men and 20% of women wash up after taking care of business. Sinks create the perfect environment for colonies of harmful organisms. The accumulation of running water makes a sink a viral and bacterial breeding ground.

Prisons, Jails

City, county, state and federal corrections facilities surfaces are susceptible to harboring potentially harmful microorganisms.  Treatment of Sterile Environments products can control the cross contamination of disease within the prison inmate population, thus reducing the task of transporting patients for added medical care and the extra fiscal expense for treatment.

Tattoo Parlors

While specific requirements to become a tattooist vary between jurisdictions, many mandate only formal training in blood borne pathogens, and cross contamination. The local department of health regulates tattoo studios in many jurisdictions.

All areas which may be touched with contaminated gloves to prevent cross-contamination. Equipment that cannot be autoclaved (such as counter tops, machines, and furniture) will be wiped with an approved disinfectant.