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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MicroShield360™ better at disinfecting and sanitizing than brand name, over-the-counter disinfectant sprays and wipes (see Homes tab also):

Sanitizers and anti-microbial products currently in use today are intended to act fast and dissipate quickly to minimise damage to humans, animals and the treated surfaces. The chemical agents used act as a poison to kill micro-organisms already present on the surface. This is an immediate one-off process and once the anti-microbial has dried, dissipated within the target microbe or is washed away it ceases to remain active. Some anti-microbial and biocidal products claim a slightly longer working life using a time release capsule approach but these at best will only remain active for up to 7 days providing they are not removed by general cleaning activities. Sterile Doctor™ is organic and silane–based offering immediate and durable long-term protection without the use of poisons, chemicals, or heavy metals like nano or colloidal silver and copper.

Why Should Surfaces remain Clean 24/7:

Surfaces act as reservoirs of microbes that could lead to the spread of sickness and infection.

Over-the-counter Brand-name disinfectants only kill microorganisms (“germs”) when wet. Once the disinfectant is wiped from the surface area, that area is then again susceptible to harbor germs, until the next application of the disinfectant.

How Does Sterile Environments Application Work?

In Layman’s terms:

MicroShield™ is like pest control for micro-scopic pests – or germs.

An even easier analogy to envision; to paint a home correctly you need to use a primer AND the paint. In the janitorial-world spray n’ wipe is cleaning dirt or applying the Primer but not the paint. MicroShield360™ is the paint which protects the entire Primed surface. The Paint does not go away until painted over again.

Our applicators electro -statically spray a transparent antimicrobial coating to surfaces in your home or place of business. MicroShield360™ imparts a coating 40x the pull of gravity on the surface thus providing ongoing germ protection for up to 12 months years from a single treatment, because the coating can not be removed from the applied surface.

Is Sterile Environments’ treatment safe?

In Layman’s terms

– This antimicrobial treatment has been thoroughly tested both in labs and in practical applications and is completely non-toxic. It bonds to your surfaces and will not leach or flake off under normal conditions. Unlike some other antimicrobial products it does not contain heavy metals (such as silver), zinc-metals or poisons (like triclosan). Sterile Environments provides “green” technology that is safe for humans, pets and the environment as a surface treatment.

How is the Microshield360 treatment applied to my surfaces?

The service technicians from Sterile Environments use an electrostatic spray treatment to ensure your surfaces are fully coated. Our state of the art electrostatic sprayers provide a negative charge to the dispensed antimicrobial droplets, giving them a force of attraction 40 times stronger than gravity. This allows droplets to move upwards or in reverse to coat hidden surfaces, which carry a positive charge. All nooks and crannies, where germs can lurk, will be treated with this progressive spraying system.

We can generally treat all the critical surfaces and touch points in your home or place of work in less than 30 minutes. Thus, there is minimal interruption to your home or workday.

What types of surfaces can Sterile Environments treat?

Just about any surface or textile (except silk) can be treated by MicroShield™ coating for antimicrobial protection. Common surfaces we have treated include, but are not limited to:

Kitchen counters, sinks, cutting boards and appliances

Bathroom counters, fixtures and toilets

Light switches

Door handles

Phones, TV remotes, keyboards

Carpet and floors

Any fabric

Gym locker rooms, exercise/fitness equipment, wrestling/gymnastic mats

Toys and toy chests/containers


School desks and tables

Restaurant tables and kitchen equipment

Hospital and nursing home rooms

How long does a MicroShield™ treatment last?

The antimicrobial coating – MicroShield360™ – electronically bonds to surfaces and will not wash off with normal washing or cleaning for up to 1 year. It is designed to provide continuous antimicrobial protection on most surfaces for approximately 1 year. Those surfaces that have high touch use and friction (cutting boards, door handles, faucet handles, etc.) may require yearly treatments to maximize antimicrobial effectiveness. Should it ever fail to protect the applied surface (as measured by use of a standard ATP meter) we will re-apply it at no charge, providing the surface has not been damaged or subject to abrasion in any way.

Do I still have to clean my surfaces that have been treated by Sterile Environments?

Yes, even though Sterile Environments applied protective MicroShield360™ coating provides continuous germ protection for surfaces in your home or business, making them easier to clean and keeping them cleaner between cleanings, it does not replace the need to clean away dust, dirt and grime that microbes can stick to.

Can I apply MicroShield360™ myself?

No. Application requires specialized equipment. In order to obtain a permanent bond, the solution is charged with 75,000 volts of electricity. This creates the molecular bond necessary to prevent removal by washing or rubbing the surface. All Sterile Environment applicators are certified in the proper method of application.

What do I need to do to prepare my home or business for an Sterile Environments treatment?

Our service Applicators will discuss a preparation plan with you either in person or over the phone, prior to spraying the coating to ensure you get maximum antimicrobial effectiveness. Generally, you will want to thoroughly clean all surfaces and touch points that we will have our Sterile Environments Applicators spray on, either the night before or the day of your treatment. Make sure to move any cluttering objects that are on surfaces to be treated.

Can I use MicroShield360 on food preparation surfaces? 
No. MicroShield360™ is FDA compliant for incidental food contact only. We expect future certification will allow its use on food prep surfaces.

Is MicroShield360™ EPA & FDA registered? 

Do I still need other sanitizers and cleaners for surfaces treated with MicroShield360?
No. At Sterile Environments we recommend that they use either water and a clean towel or commonly available Green cleaners. MicroShield™ is working for you 24/7. MicroShield™ cannot be washed off and is impervious to the harsh chemicals used in most cleaners.

Is MicroShield™ effective against MDRO’s (Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms)? 

Yes, MicorShield™ has been clinically proven to kill MDRO’s on contact including MRSA, E.coli, staph and H1N1.

Will MicroShield360™ eradicate Mold? 
Yes. Mold, fungus and algae are all destroyed on contact with any surface that’s been treated with MicroShield360™. MicroShield360™ will NOT remove existing mold or fungus. See a mold remediation specialist for this service.

Will MicroShield360™ prevent disease? 
No. There currently exists no product capable of making that claim. What MicroShield360™ will do is dramatically reduce the risk of infection associated from the spread of germs, bacteria and virus’s by touching an infected surface be it a bathroom door knob, sink, counter-top, the table at your favorite restaurant or the equipment you use at your health club.

How long does application take? 
Currently each certified applicator can treat 2600 to 3000 square feet per hour. Treated surfaces are dry and ready for use within 2 to 20 minutes of application.