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Gym Environment

Gym Environments & Equipment

 “After 20 months of heavy use, we continue to show very low readings with the ATP meter in the areas that have been treated. Since the application of Sterile Doctor, we continue to have no cases of Staph or MRSA cross contamination. I could not be happier with the product as it’s certainly worked as advertised.” Greg Hopwood, Sr. Director of Stadium Operations, Chicago White Sox Professional Baseball Team

“I would highly recommend your product, staff, and business to anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of the locker room and facility maintenance.” Ryan Grooms, Head Football Equipment Manager, University of Notre Dame

Keep your athletes on the field and in the classroom

Professional and scholastic athletes cannot compete to the best of their ability when they aren’t feeling their best.  Infectious Diseases can shorten a professional athlete’s career and earnings, or a student-athlete may miss out on the ability to earn an athletic scholarship or keep one. Those are the main reasons why professional sports franchises, collegiate teams and civic arenas, and schools systems call on Sterile Environments and Bacteria Shield to treat their athletic facilities.


Weight benches


Shoulder pads

Trainers tables


Wrestling Mats

Hot /cold tubs

Practice Dummies

Cheerleading, Wrestling Mats

Weight room flooring

Uniforms/Socks/Underwear/Tee shirts/Towels

Synthetic turf