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Sterile Doctorâ„¢ is better than Clorox

Now, we are not saying we are necessarily a better than Clorox – we are just as good, but we do what we say we do and don’t hide behind the power of our Brand name to position ourselves in the marketplace.

Clorox took the bet that healthcare purchasers would take Clorox’ claim at face-value without any due-diligence on their part to determine if in fact Clorox “Healthcare” did indeed back up their claims. I’m assuming here, but don’t think it is far-fetched to determine that Clorox figured that “since we’re Clorox, who’s really going to check?”

In the meantime – small USA manufacturers of verifiable, clinically proven, EPA registered products which go through the same testing protocols as Clorox literally get scrutinized for reams of data about our products.

How many times has a purchasing agent asked a Clorox product rep for a field study of a wipe? Probably nil.

The article below proves once again…the truth will always come to the light.

Now, let’s talk about tricolsan-based products! LOL

Has Clorox Healthcare Has Removed the Claim for TB As Well As the Claim for C. Difficile Spores? | Daily News San Francisco.


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