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Home Treatment and Rates



Starting at cents per sq.ft.  It is important to note that NOT ALL square footage is calculated into the pricing. Certain areas of facilities will not be required to be treated.

We offer FREE SITE ASSESSMENTS and no obligation price quotes.

6 /9 and 12 month no-interest payment plans are available.

Special School Rates k-12 Only are available. Email to request our School Rate Card.


Unlike Brand-name over-the-counter disinfectants (see FAQ’s), MicroShield360™ continuously disembowels microbes (see below), even after drying, for 12 months. You only need to clean your surfaces of dust and grime with water and a rag after our treatment. Should you decide to use more harsh chemicals to clean stubborn grease, MicroShield360™ withstands bleach, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Do you have a immuno-compromised family member living in your home? Elderly, pediatric/chemo-cancer, and recent surgery patients are at high risk to acquire surface and airborne pathogens present in homes.  We can mitigate the risk of those individuals from getting sick from the contaminated surfaces in your home.


READ YOUR CURRENT ANTIMICROBIAL PRODUCT LABELS CAREFULLY! Most brand name disinfectants need to remain wet on any surface for 2 to 10 minutes before they start to eradicate germs, AND, once the surface is dry the chemicals from the brand name disinfectant will only work for 20 minutes, at best! Look for “dwell time” on the small print of the label  - that tells you how long product needs to stay on the surface to work as advertised. ‘s dwell time is an industry best 2 seconds! Can you read the below label – probably not – that is because large brands wants to use and use and use so you buy and buy and re-buy and the whole time 90% of consumers are not getting the intended use of the disinfectant…and just throwing money down the drain.


“A hundred years ago, many of us lived on farms and went to town once a week,” Gerba says. “Now we go to malls, health clubs, football games. Our lifestyles have changed so much, we’re sharing more germs with more people than ever before.” Dr. Charles Gerba: “Dr. Germ”, Environmental microbiologist, University of Arizona.

Don’t bring the Mall and its entire germs HOME with you! But just in case, Sterile Environments can create a bacteria safe haven in your home.

Our proprietary EPA-certified antimicrobial coating, Bacteria Shield™, is like “SPF 75 sunscreen for the home”, only it does not wash off.

With just one application to your homes’ surfaces and appliances by our certified/licensed Applicators you will be protected from harboring germs for several years.

Sanitizers and anti-microbial products currently in use today are intended to act fast and dissipate quickly to minimise damage to humans, animals and the treated surfaces. The chemical agents used act as a poison to kill micro-organisms already present on the surface. This is an immediate one-off process and once the anti-microbial has dried, dissipated within the target microbe or is washed away it ceases to remain active. Some anti-microbial and biocidal products claim a slightly longer working life using a time release capsule approach but these at best will only remain active for up to 7 days providing they are not removed by general cleaning activities. Sterile Doctor™ is Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and silane–based offering immediate and durable long-term protection without the use of poisons, chemicals, or heavy metals like nano or colloidal silver and copper.

Home Surfaces to protect:

Handles: doors, appliances, sink, dresser

Bathrooms: sinks, toilets, faucets, showers, floors, medicine chests

Kitchens: counter tops, appliance handles, sink, cupboards

Playrooms/nursery: crib railings, headboards, play tables, toys

Bedrooms: dressers, beds, nightstands, lights

Home office: desk chair, desktop and drawers, keyboard, mouse

Miscellaneous: all remote controls, dog beds, linens, washer/dryer

Home Sterilization Rates: starting at:


Commercial Rates: inquiry email to: