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Hotel Environment and Treatment Areas

In a study from University of Houston, 89 % of sampled hotel room surfaces tested positive for E. Coli. The dirtiest areas? The main light switch, door handles, TV remote and the bathroom sink.

“A hundred years ago, many of us lived on farms and went to town once a week,” Gerba says. “Now we go to malls, health clubs, football games. Our lifestyles have changed so much, we’re sharing more germs with more people than ever before.” Dr. Charles Gerba: “Dr. Germ”, Environmental microbiologist, University of Arizona.

Our proprietary EPA-certified antimicrobial coating, Sterile Doctor is like “SPF 75 sunscreen for the hotel room”, cleaning where your maids don’t, and it does not wash off.

With just one application to a hotel room surfaces by our certified/licensed Applicators you will be protected from harboring germs for several years.

Unlike Brand-name over-the-counter disinfectants (see FAQ’s), Sterile Doctor continuously disembowels microbes, even after drying, for 2 years. You only need to clean your surfaces of dust and grime with water after our treatment. Should you decide to use more harsh chemicals to clean stubborn grease, Sterile Doctor withstands bleach, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.



Hotel Surfaces to protect:


Handles: doors, appliances, sink, dresser

Bathrooms: sinks, toilets, faucets, showers, floors, medicine chests

Kitchens: counter tops, appliance handles, sink, cupboards

Beds, headrest, dressers, nightstands, lights

Desk chair, desktop and drawers, keyboard, mouse

Miscellaneous: all remote controls, ice buckets, ice machine


Drying time is from 5 to 15 minutes depending on surface.