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School Environment

 School Facilities and School Buses

Prevent costly “outbreak after care” cleaning programs. We attack germs instead of attacking dirt!

Is $25 a classroom for 1 year too much to spend to save on absenteeism related hard and soft costs? Call 216-832-4441 or email us to request an FREE ROI analysis and school rate card.

 School administrators take on an enormous responsibility to keep school environments sanitary and clean. Failure in this area can lead to multiple sick days which can affect State funding, parental fear, incubation of highly infectious disease, public outrage and negative publicity. Sterile Environments service provides diagnostic and remedial services in coordination with current cleaning protocols that can dramatically effect overall health and be far less costly than the demolition-based plans, or hugely expensive “outbreak after-care” cleaning programs.

After transporting students, buses sit in warm, humid conditions to create perfect habitats for sickness-causing bacteria to grow and multiply. School Buses are rolling “Petri Dishes”! Prevent cross-contamination from under-cleaned areas such as window framing, undersides of seats/benches, hand-rails and driver area and continually eradicate the growth of these sickness producing microbes – ALL DAY EVERYDAY, and in areas where your labor “misses” or rarely cleans – with Sterile Doctor!

Sterile Clean and Sterile Doctor are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, non-alcoholic, eco-friendly EPA registered safe to the touch cleaning and antimicrobial disinfectant products.

Dorm flooring and furniture, Cafeteria tables, Appliances in Dorm rooms and common areas

Classroom & Dorm Desks, Chairs, Cafeteria tables, computer lab keyboards & mouses

Sports equipment: Weight training, free weights, conditioning: 



Chairs/Desk/Communal work tables

ALL Door handles



 School Bus RatesBus Sterile cleaning and 2 year (efficacy) Sterile Doctor sterilization rates start from $50/per bus for Fleets over 16 buses. We clean and sterilize for you.

Quarterly bacteria level tests, inspection and cleanings program also available, to help compliance from unscheduled Ohio Highway Patrol Inspections.

Individual Sanitation spray bottles available for first aid kit and driver accessibility. Non-alcoholic, non-toxic, non-flamable and all natural eco-friendly. EPA, MSDS and Toxicity report available upon request.