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Stadiums and Locker Rooms

Stadiums and Locker/Training Rooms

Locker rooms are environments for a high likelihood of cross contamination. Open wounds, infected hands and feet, and coughing and sneezing contribute to the dispersal of infectious pathogens upon a large number of commonly touched surfaces in these areas, among the highly touched surfaces of which are not NOT disinfected in Real time – as the contamination occurs – are:

All door handles, chairs, locker benches and doors, combination locks, training tables, fitness equipment, hydrotherapy rooms and ice machines, beverage cooler handles, hydration beverage squeeze bottles and large 5 gallon-cooler handles and spouts.



The Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer

“We applied Bacteria Shield to our Training Facility and stadium Locker Room to reduce the risk of our athletes missing valuable training or games due to illness contracted in our team environments…We have enjoyed our working relationships with Sterile Environments.” – Gregg Berhalter, Head Coach and Sporting Director, Columbus Crew

“I can’t spend too much time wiping on ecery bench after every guy [athlete/player] gets finished with a piece of equipment  I’m dealing with 4-6-12 guys at one time in a gym, so this, Bacteria Shield [Sterile Doctor], just makes for comfort”Allen Thomas, Strength and Conditioning coach, Chicago White Sox, Major League Baseball.

In professional and college locker rooms, the Media (Press) present an added cross-contamination threat as their colds and flu’s and any other sickness they introduce into the locker room can directly affect the health of the players and the staff.

Games or practice missed due to “minor” illness can have large effect on a player’s performance and the collateral damage of the team’s performance. “Major ” contracted illness can directly effect an entire season or career of performance, directly impacting revenue and salary expenditures.

Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Team and Bacteria Shield™ client

Chicago White Sox MLB Team and Bacteria Shield™ client