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What makes up Dust?

Here are some of the components (bioaerosols) in dust.

1. Dead skin cells — They make up less of the dust than you might think.
2. Live dust mites, dead dust mites and dried dust mite feces. —- Yuck and double yuck.
3. Clothing fibers and lint
4. Streptococci, Diptheria, Turberculosis, other bacterium
5. Mold spores — Aspergillus being the deadliest and most documented.
6. Pollen and plant particles
7. Lead particles
8. Flame retardants
9. Paint particles
10. Dead bugs parts — More yuck.
11. Rodent feces – Big time yuck.
12. Asbestos and arsenic
13. Construction debris
14. Pesticide residue
15. And more…dust is a collection of all of these and many more elements.


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